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Selena Gomez Reveals She’s Been Single For Two Years



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Selena Gomez single for two years

Selena Gomez Says She’s Been Single For Two Years

Selena Gomez have been open about her love life and it appears she’s not been able to find love since final split with Justin Bieber in 2018 as she just revealed that she’s been single for two years now.

On October 25, Selena Gomez appeared on ‘The Zach Sang Show’ where she confirmed that she’s single and ready to mingle.

“I’ve been super super single for two years and I want to know what that love will look like next for me. I want it to be real, I don’t want it to be co-dependant or messy.”

However, the star said she’s now happy being by herself and isn’t looking for a new relationship just yet.

She explained: “I’m chilling right now, I’ve been having way too much fun being on my own… It feels good, it feels awesome.”

“But I never want to lose the sense of love that I imagine it to be. I don’t want to get jaded or bitter from anything. I believe that it exists and I’m happy waiting for that for however long that takes because we’re gonna be like doing this forever. It’s just going to keep happening until we’re out.”

Then Selena Gomez was rumored to have rekindled her romance with ex-boyfriend Samuel Krost after the two were spotted at the same restaurant in New York City on Tuesday night, October 29 according to Aceshowbiz.

It’s not clear if Selena and Samuel dined together at the restaurant, but their pictures were enough to start a chatter that they might be giving their romance another try. The two were rumored to be romantically linked from late 2015 until early 2016.

Selena quickly took to instagram to shut the rumors swirling around that she’s back with Samuel Krost.

“I’m not dating anyone,” she wrote on a plain black background. “I’ve been single for two years. I’m on God’s timing not mine.”

Selena Gomez has been single for two years