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Future Addresses Alleged Baby Mama Lawsuits On New Song “Last Name”



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Future Spilled It All On New Song "Last Name"

Future Spilled It All On New Song “Last Name”

Future has been hit with paternity lawsuits by two different women Cindy Renae Parker and Eliza Seraphin, claiming that Future is the father of their children.

The rapper has denied the allegations and maintains that they’re only trying to secure the bag by exFuttorting money from him.

He’s been giving his best shot to make the judge throw out the case. And he’s gone further to express himself on a new song titled “Last Name” featuring Lil Durk.


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Ima jus pick up anything see if she like it.

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Eliza has earlier slammed him for not taking care of his responsibilities and being a deadbeat father. Well, Future responds in the intro of the song rapping :

This ain’t a diss song, this a real song
Nigga, we ain’t runnin’ from no responsibilities
I take care of families
I’m embarrassed over this mess that I done caused”

Future also rapped about how the alleged baby mamas are trying to get money from him in a corny way after sleeping with them once. He added that he didn’t even know the names of these alleged baby mamas if he weren’t caught up in court proceedings over them.

In the previous snippet that was released, Future rapped “I don’t know her name but she had my child.” However, in the final version, he changes the second half of the line to “she wanna have my child,” perhaps to avoid his lyrics being used against him in court.

“Fuck the bitch once, now she wan’ cry
Snitches told the feds, I had an alibi
Brokenhearted, fuck my bitch every night
I don’t know her name, she wanna have my child
Laughin’ to the bank, got me runnin’ wild”

Listen to the song below :