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Lizzo Shares Explicit Pic Of Her Fat Ass Online



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Lizzo Shares her fat ass pic

Lizzo : “Leave Me Alone, I’m Doing Okay”

Pop singer Lizzo is currently trending after she shocked her fans by sharing an explicit picture of her fat ass on her instagram page.

The ‘truth hurts’ crooner did something similar last month when she shared her nude pic online trying to break the internet.

Ever since her breakthrough hit became the country’s anthem she’s yet to make a follow up hit and is now beginning to look like a ‘one hit wonder’

‘Truth Hurts’ hit the #1 on the Billboard charts got displaced and still find it way back to the top spot again.

While she’s not been able to dish out something big as that for now, she’s been teasing her fans with sensual photos to stay relevant.

Lizzo shared a photo showing her bare butt, adding a warning caption for critics. “Please do not send me poems, letters, or paintings if ur side bitch is still playing dress up in ur home. I’m doing great. Leave me alone, thanks.”

Warning.. Don’t scroll down if you’re in the office.