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Wack 100 Apologizes Over Nipsey Hussle Disrespectful Comments



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Wack 100 apologizes over Controversial Nipsey Hussle comments

Wack 100 Finally Apologizes Over Controversial Nipsey Hussle Comments

Couple of weeks back, The Game’s manager Wack 100 made some controversial comments on Nipsey Hussle’s death which was termed as disrespectful.

The death of Nipsey was a big loss to Hip Hop and the industry at large, while many are still mourning the loss of a hero, Wack 100 thinks otherwise.

Wack 100 said “Nipsey Hussle should be blamed for his own death because Nipsey ain’t no street nigga.”

“Nipsey should have never been outside and stay in a rapper lane because that’s all he was. Nipsey was supposed to handle the situation when he told ‘Shitty’ that he’s snitching and if Nipsey was a real gangster he wouldn’t have allowed ‘Shitty Cuz’ go back to get the gun he killed him with.”

Wack 100 added that he doesn’t care about no Nipsey Hussle. He also said that Nipsey’s death was by his own homies so why are people so concerned.

And the daring part was when Wack 100 said Nipsey Hussle’s homies are scared to pull up on him because ain’t no one pulled up yet.

His comments didn’t sit well with Nipsey Hussle’s homies as they allegedly shoot up Los Angeles in retaliation.

After receiving some serious backlash across the board, he recently took to Instagram to apologize. “Alright you guys win,” he wrote.


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I’m back in my game room watching TV. You guys win #ImSorry

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“Big U called me and scolded me. I’ll be quiet now.” He echoed that sentiment in the caption, writing, “I’m back in my game room watching TV. You guys win #ImSorry.”

The scolding itself was seemingly a joke. He later posted another video saying that Big U called him and told him to eat his vegetables.


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@bigu1 I heard the scolding and I’ve corrected myself … #West👆🏾

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