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Lori Harvey Reportedly Moves Out Of Steve’s Home To Future’s 



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Lori Harvey Reportedly Moves Out Of Steve's Home To Future's 

Lori Harvey Reportedly Moves In With Future

Steve Harvey’s step daughter Lori has been on recently linked with rapper Future who is believed to have dated her couple of years ago.

The two have been spending some quality time together as reported and she even attended his birthday party some weeks back.

But Steve reportedly denied Future access to their family’s Thanksgiving. Not long after, he shared a flawless photo of Lori on his instagram page confirming the rumors.

Well, new reports from MTO has it that Lori Harvey has finally moved out of Steve’s home.

Lori Harvey Reportedly Moves In With Future

The media outlet shared that Lori has now moved in with Future. An insider said Lori practically moved into Future’s Los Angeles penthouse apartment.”

Lori had been living with her mother and father, Steve and Marjorie Harvey, inside the couple’s giant 11,234 square-foot Beverly Hills mansion. Steve is currently renting their mansion, for a whopping $110,000 per month. Yes, you read that right.

Future currently lives inside a luxury high-rise building in Hollywood, just a few miles away. But unlike Steve, Future actually owns his penthouse apartment.

The insider added that “Steve and Marjorie are cool. I don’t know whether they approve of Future or not, but they don’t [meddle] in her personal business.”