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Nipsey Hussle’s Bodyguard J Roc Knocks Out Wack 100 – Video



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Nipsey Hussle's Bodyguard JRoc Knocks Out Wack 100

Nipsey’s Bodyguard J Roc Attacks Wack 100

L.A Hip Hop pundit and rapper The Game manager Wack 100 has been saying lots of insensitive comments about Nipsey Hussle but he paid for it yesterday when J Roc knocked him out.

Wack 100 started by praising Nipsey Hussle’s killer Eric Holder while implying that Nipsey doesn’t street orientation.

He later apologized only to come out again saying Nipsey isn’t a legend. He said that there needs to be a clear cut definition of what a legend is, especially since terms like that are thrown around frivolously these days.

Well, Wack100 paid for his comments – by getting punched repeatedly in the face, by Nipsey’s friend and longtime bodyguard Jroc.

The two men were at an event in Los Angeles, and Jroc allegedly pressed Wack100 about his comments. When Wack tried to backpedal, Jroc reportedly knocked Wack unconscious. When Wack awoke, he was angry and ready to fight.

Nipsey's Bodyguard Attacks Wack 100 Nipsey's Bodyguard Attacks Wack 100

Here’s the video, showing the aftermath of Wack 100 getting knocked out. In the video you can clearly Hera Wack say, ‘He knocked me out . . . now we have to get down [fight].”

Watch his response below :


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Whooping Wacks ass takes more than words it takes a action ! Glad to see I still control the narrative….

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Watch the video of Wack 100 getting knocked out below :

Nipsey Hussle’s friend and bodyguard J Roc knocks out Wack 100