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Joe Budden Says He Understands Why Kevin Hart Cheated On His Wife



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Joe Budden Understands Why Kevin Hart Cheated On His Wife 

Joe Budden Understands Why Kevin Hart Cheated On His Wife

Rap and media mogul Joe Budden says he understands why Kevin Hart cheated on his wife Eniko Parrish after watching the couple’s Netflix Documentary, Don’t F*ck This Up.

Joe told his podcast cohosts, Rory and Mal, that he can understand why the prolific comedian cheated on his wife.

Kevin Hart was caught cheating on his wife Eniko in 2017 while she was carrying their son, Kenzo. In the documentary, he opens up about that time in his life and Eniko even shares the pain she went through once that scandal broke headlines

Joe Budden who was also hit with cheating scandal before splitting with his wife Cyn Santana, during his recent podcast faults men’s busy schedule for cheating. He believes men tend to cheat because they spend less time with their family.

Joe Budden Understands Why Kevin Hart Cheated On His Wife

“He works really hard,” Joe said after watching Kevin’s ‘Don’t F*** This Up’ documentary. “… I can see how n*ggas cheat,” he said. His cohost Mal then asked Joe was that what he took away from the doc, to which the former rapper went on to elaborate his point.

“No but in thinking about how hard he works, like, sometimes you not home but for 10 seconds in the day, for however many days, and I, as a man, can understand how that can be difficult,” Joe replied.

He continued “I know how I was feeling going to work however many hours I was going to work and spending very little time at home. We don’t have to get into that right now, but as men, I think y’all know what I’m saying. I understand that about [Kevin].”

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