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Black Ink Crew Star Sky Told Her Son: “Why Didn’t I Swallow You?”



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Sky From Black Ink Crew Asked Her Son Why She Didn't Swallow Him 

Sky From Black Ink Crew Asked Her Son Why She Didn’t Swallow Him

During the recent episode of VH1s hit series ‘Black Ink Crew’ Sky and her son Dessalines got into an argument, and things escalated quickly to an awkward situation.

Dessalines and Sky don’t have the best relationship. The 19 year old teen was raised by Sky’s family members. And Sky is known for having a very bad temper and a reckless mouth.

But on the last episode, things got way out of control. In the episode Dessalines went to Sky’s apartment, to try and make up with his mother. It didn’t work. Sky quickly accused him again of stealing from her and getting a random woman pregnant.


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Sky also physically attacked the teenager after a heated exchange of words.

But things quickly went from bad to worse. Sky did the unthinkable. She started saying extremely hurtful things to her son like she should have “swallowed” him, or had an abortion. Afterwards Sky told the young man that she and his father never wanted him.

Obviously those words cut deep, and Dessalines was seen crying on camera.

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