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Ceaser Emanuel Arrested For Animal Cruelty, Facing 1-5 Years In Prison



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Black Ink Crew's Ceaser Emanuel Arrested For Animal Cruelty 

Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser Emanuel Arrested For Animal Cruelty

We previously shared that Ceaser Emanuel is being investigated by animal services and local law enforcement after the video of him allegedly abusing dogs picked up traction online.

Well, new reports reaching us at Dreddsworld is that Ceaser has been arrested for animal cruelty.

The reality star faces 1-5 years in prison and fines. He’s going to bail out and wait for trial or take a plea. Ceaser abused two dogs on two separate occasions. The dogs are deceased.

He claims the video isn’t what it seems, and he was simply breaking up a fight between his dogs until one of them went for him.

He does say he wishes he could take it back, but adds, in the moment, he felt like he had to back down his dogs any way he could, and was afraid of what could happen next.

As for the video, Ceaser says the clip came from his home security camera — and he thinks someone had it out for him, since the video was leaked online.

Also, Ceaser Emanuel’s ex girlfriend Suzette is accusing him of threatening and abusing her. Suzette claims he attacked her after finding man in her DMs. She even shared pics of her injury as prove he abused her.

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