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SpaceGhostPurrp Claims A$ap Rocky Is Homosexual & ‘Living A Lie’



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SpaceGhostPurrp Accuses A$ap Rocky Of Being Homosexual 

SpaceGhostPurrp Accuses A$ap Rocky Of Being Homosexual

SpaceGhostPurrp fell off from the rappers who used to be his close pals. What transpired that led to the beef is what we don’t know but it appears Purrp is ready to spill it all and the accusations are quite heavy.

Recall, SpaceGhostPurrp issued a disturbing threat to A$AP Rocky, claiming he would “kill” Rocky on sight sometimes last year.

Purrp took to twitter today, aiming at A$AP Rocky again. He explained the origin story behind his notorious feud with Flacko and we shouldn’t forget there always two sides to a story.

SpaceGhostPurrp Accuses A$ap Rocky Of Being Homosexual 

“I’m tired of holding my tongue back in 2011 I was invited to dis party in new York by asap rocky,” SGP wrote. “I was pullin up wit my girl n shit and I was on da phone like yo bruh where u at I don’t see he was like “YO LOOK DOWN IM RIGHT HERE” Next thing u know he in da pool rubbin a mans ass.”

He continued, “SO IF U WANNA KNOW WHY “ASAP ROCKY AND ASAP and EVERY RAPPER” HATE ME so much it’s because I stopped hangin wit him becuase he didnt tell me dat he was homosecual on da low and I felt like he lied bout his life so n order for him 2 keep his secret ,he got me black listed in music.”

“So all these rappers that took his side and went against are basically the ones that had to go against so I womt expose their secret , because I did literally. Nothing wrong to them at all.”

“This is the main real reason why “EVERYBODY HATES SPACEGHOSTPURRP” FOR no reason and been bashing my name,” he concludes. “Becuase I found out his biggest secret and he hot mad because I cut him off for lyin bout his sexuality.”

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