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Future Explains To Roddy Ricch Why Fans Don’t Want Him To Find Love



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Future Tells Roddy Ricch Fans Don't Want Him To Find Love

Future Tells Roddy Ricch Fans Don’t Want Him To Find Love

In Rolling Stone‘s latest Musicians on Musicians segment with Future and Roddy Ricch, the former reveals how he’s gotten rich off “being the villain,” and that his fans aren’t interested in a mundane narrative where he finds love, settles down, and lives happily ever after.

Future who has 8 baby mamas, started by saying, “They’ll judge you. You can’t say, ‘I’m f*cking two sisters at the same time’ now and put it on the internet. The internet is gonna go crazy.”

“If you say that shit right now, they’re gonna explode. You can’t say certain things. I see people say certain things in their music and I’m like, ‘N*gga, I was talking crazier than that at the beginning, [but] you can’t say that right now.’ You can’t even write a tweet without apologizing.”


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“That’s why I’d rather not say sh*t,” Ricch interrupted. “Within five minutes, here comes the apology. ‘I’m sorrrrrrry,‘” Future continued. “You should’ve never said that! You have to adjust to the times. You’ve gotta think before you say something.”

“I built the brand where they’re like, ‘That’s Future, don’t pay attention to him. He’s f*cked up anyway.’ For me, I can get away with shit. You can get rich off of being the villain, because that’s what they expect,” he said.

“If I try to be a good guy right now, they won’t want that. ‘Where’s the bad Future at?’ Then I [become] that, and my concerts sell out. You start talking about [being] in love, and they get mad at me. I be like, ‘What the f*ck, y’all don’t want me to be in love?”


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