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FatBoy SSE Says Drake Is ‘Bigger Than Jay Z Musically’



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FatBoy SSE Says Drake Is Floyd Mayweather In Music

FatBoy SSE Says ‘Drake Is Floyd Mayweather In Music’

FatBoy SSE sat down for a virtual interview with famed Los Angeles radio station Power 106 during the holiday season and while the chat didn’t seem to be controversial, a clip has resurfaced showing the rapper sharing his thoughts on why currently, Drake is the biggest name in Hip Hop.

“Drake is Floyd Mayweather in music, right. He don’t miss,” FatBoy SSE said when speaking about Drake responding to naysayers.

“So, why would he go against anybody and mess up his career? Just like the reason that he didn’t respond to Pusha T. I’m not gon’ go—I’m not saying Pusha T at the bottom ’cause Pusha T a dope artist, too, and Pusha T my dog, too—but at the of the day, why would you  go down…you know?”

FatBoy SSE Says Drake Is Floyd Mayweather In Music

“He did it with Meek [Mill] ’cause it was like that time and that era right there,” he continued. “Why would you keep doing that, you know what I’m saying? You Mayweather of this sh*t.”

SSE called Drake “the biggest in music since Jay-Z” and added, “And Imma say this: he’s bigger than Jay-Z.” The radio hosts told him that he would certainly ruffle a few feathers with that statement.

“It’s a different time. It’s streaming time. That’s just a fact… That’s my opinion.” The hosts questioned if the comedian really thought Drake was a bigger artist, and that’s when FatBoy SSE explained himself. “He’s not bigger than Jay-Z, I’m saying musically-wise, like it’s streaming, it’s different. Don’t mess up my words.”

Listen to him below:

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