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Future & Dess Dior Breakup, Unfollow Each Other On Instagram



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It Seems Future & Dess Dior Have Broken Up As They've Unfollowed Each Other On Social Media

It Seems Future & Dess Dior Have Broken Up As They’ve Unfollowed Each Other On Social Media

On New Year’s Day, there were rumors flying that Future and Dess Dior could have gotten married. The couple was spotted in some formal garb with Future rocking a snazzy tuxedo and Dess wearing a white dress.

That was enough to get people talking. Just over a week has gone by and, already, it looks like Fewtch and Dess may have broken up, putting all of that talk to the side.

Dess Dior has officially unfollowed Future on Instagram. Future already was not following the rapper, as he currently follows nobody and has no content on his page.

However, the move from Dess was coupled with the decision to remove their couple pictures from her feed, which has to signal trouble in paradise.

Adding fuel to this conversation is the fact that Future took time out of his day to wish one of his baby mamas, India J., a happy birthday on Twitter.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDIA. May god continue to bless u,” he wrote.

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