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Future Denies Paying Instagram Model Blue Jasmine $5,000 For Sex



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Blue Jasmine Claims Future Paid Her $5K For S*x - He Says She 'Big Capping'

Blue Jasmine Claims Future Offered Her $5K For S*x – He Says She ‘Big Capping’

DJ Akademiks recently interviewed Instagram model Blue Jasmine, and at a point in their conversation, Ak asked whether she thinks Future pays for sex, which she answered that she’s absolutely positive that the rapper is guilty of spending money to have sex with women.

AK then clarifies that he’s not talking about chartered flights or expensive dates that may precede any sexual relations between Future and his partners.

Blue Jasmine maintained her stance, prompting DJ Akademiks to ask her, “So you’re saying that chicks is telling Future like ‘Yo, it’s $10,000 or whatever to f*ck?’ And he’s paying that money to f*ck?”


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In response to Akademiks question, Blue Jasmine drops the ultimate bombshell, saying, “Nah, he offered me $5,000.”

In disbelief, DJ Akademiks gets out of his chair and walks away, showing that even he has a hard time believing her claims. The interview has since been posted to several YouTube channels and social media accounts.

Future caught wind of her comments and was forced to hit the comments section to respond. “She big big capping…dnt kno her dnt care to kno her!” Future wrote in the comments. “Why she lying?”


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