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Alexander AE Edwards Admits To Cheating On Amber Rose Multiple Times



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Amber Rose's Ex AE Edwards Admits To Cheating On Her

Amber Rose’s Ex AE Edwards Admits To Cheating On Her

Amber Rose ended things with her man Alexander AE Edwards over infidelity. The socialite posted on Instagram Story that he cheated on her with at least a dozen women.

Well, Amber Rose’s ex AE had now admitted that he cheated on her but he’s disappointed she made it public.

“At the end of the day SlutWalk and what she stands for [and] represents, you know, you would think that she would keep it between me and her. Like, be mad at me, you know what I’m saying,” Edwards said.


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“Instead of saying like ‘b*tches knew he was in a relationship,’ I knew too! And it’s my fault and I tell her that,” he says.

AE added, “I’m guilty of being narcissistic. I’m guilty of stonewalling and ignoring her when she asks me questions and sh*t. So yea, I think that’s something she go have to deal with. Is separating herself emotionally. That’s what makes a good leader, a good president, a good team captain, all the sh*t.

He continued, “We get emotional and all that other sh*t – political sh*t goes out the window. But she’s hurt bruh, so at the same time I don’t think she’s genuinely trying to shame the b*tches, she’s just hurt.”

Listen to him below:

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