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Cardi B DM’ed Billie Eilish To Clarify Rumor She Called Her ‘Weird’ At Met Gala After-Party



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Cardi B And Billie Eilish Clear Up Rumors Billie Called Cardi 'Weird' At Met Gala After-Party

Cardi B And Billie Eilish Clear Up Rumors Billie Called Cardi ‘Weird’ At Met Gala After-Party

Billie Eilish and Cardi B stepped out to attend the 2022 Met Gala in New York City. After making headlines for their showstopping ensembles, the two made waves because of something Billie allegedly said about Cardi.

According to one online report, Billie Eilish called Cardi B “weird” at a Met Gala after-party held at the Standard’s Boom Boom Room. But if you ask these ladies, it’s just not true.

“I hate the internet cause one, how do y’all turn one of the most lit parties into drama?” Cardi B asked on Twitter. “Two, ‘ocean eyes’ is the song I cater to my daughter. Three, Billie is my f–kin baby. Yesterday, from the Met to the party, everything was drama free. Why do yall wanna turn everything into mess?”

And if that wasn’t enough to clear the air, Cardi B also shared voice memos between herself and Billie. Spoiler alert: There’s no drama here, folks.

“Oh my God, I was so worried that you were going to see that,” Billie was overheard saying in regards to the headline. “I was f–king calling the people around you weird because everybody was coming up to you, shoving their phones into your ass. And I was like, ‘Just look at her with your eyes!'”

Cardi replied via voice memo, “The internet is trying to divide us. They don’t understand that you’re my baby.”

In another trending video, Cardi can be seen ranting about hating being famous. According to her, she feels like God caused her with fame.

“You want to become famous.. You can’t joke. You can’t say it’s nothing. You can smack nobody. You can discern that you can correct nobody. You can do nothing. You can’t do nothing. You can make jokes. You can’t even host a party and say what you wanna ****** ******* say you paid you can’t do anything.”

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