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T.I. Goes Off After Son King’s Confrontation With Waffle House Employee



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T.I Responds To Video Showing His Son King Arguing With Waffle House Employee

T.I Responds To Video Showing His Son King Arguing With Waffle House Employee

This week T.I. and Tiny’s son King got into verbal altercation with a Waffle House employee, after the employee allegedly disrespected the 17 year old reality star.

King – who is still in high school – clearly overreacted to the Waffle House employee, and said some pretty horrible things.

T.I. – who is King’s father – and who is an active parent, addressed the incident in a separate video. TI asked the folks on Twitter to give his teenage son a break, as he is just a child – and is prone to making mistakes.


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The King Of The South also offered some advice to his son. He advised the young man not to argue with people who are “not on his level in life.”

“Of course, I spoke with my son. Me and his uncles, we were perplexed by his necessity to go back and forth with a short-order cook. I didn’t understand why he felt he needed to stop what he was doing to engage someone who’s at another level of life.,” he said.

King is not new to getting in fights, he made headlines some years back after a video of him holding his own against his school mate who attempted to bully him.

The two boys decided to hash out their differences by fighting. They scheduled a time to meet inside the boys bathroom at their elite private high school, and had a one on one fight.

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