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YNW Melly’s G-Shine Gang Targeted In Young Thug’s RICO Case



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YNW Melly's G-Shine Blood Gang Targeted In Young Thug's RICO Case

YNW Melly’s Set G-Shine Bloods Targeted In Young Thug’s RICO Case

We reported earlier this week that YNW Melly double murder trial is starting on June 6. Well, it appears the incarcerated rapper has another issue to be worried about.

According to criminal documents released online in the ongoing Young Thug, Gunna and the whole of YSL RICO case, YNW Melly‘s gang is also targeted.

Dreddsworld previously shared that Lil Baby’s 4PF is also targeted after being identified as a gang in criminal documents. In the leaked criminal documents, Lil Baby’s 4PF (4 Pockets Full) is identified as Crips gang alongside Rolling 60’s.

YNW Melly’s G-Shine originally known as the “Gangster Killer Bloods”, the G-Shine Bloods gang was one of the first Blood sets to form on the east coast of the United States in Brooklyn, New York in 1993. In 1993 the New York State Chapter of the Latin Kings and the Netas were the 2 largest and most violent Latino Hispanic organizations on the streets and prisons of New York City.

These organizations controlled the New York State prison systems and targeted the independent Black gangs with daily acts of Racist and Prejudice violence.

The independent black gangs incarcerated in Rikers Island desperately needed a way to unite, so under the tutelage and guidance of O.G. Mack, convinced other black gang leaders to unite their gangs under one banner.

This organization would later be known as the United Blood Nation (or UBN).

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