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Diddy Confirms He And Yung Miami Are Dating



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Diddy Confirms He And Yung Miami Are Dating: "You're One Of The Realest People I Ever Met" 

Diddy Confirms He And Yung Miami Are Dating: “You’re One Of The Realest People I Ever Met”

Yung Miami recently shared a sneak peak of her new podcast ‘Caresha Please’ where she put her boo Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs in the hot seat.

The full episode is now out and Diddy confirmed he and Yung Miami are dating.

When Yung Miami asked what’s our relationship status, Diddy responded saying: “I’m single, you know I’m single, but I’m dating. I’m just taking my time with life.”

She then asked “So what we is?” and the business mogul replied saying: “We date. We’re dating. We go have dates and we friends. You go to exotic locations. We have great times, Umm, go to strip clubs. Church. Church. Church. I’m gonna take you to church.”

“So like what you like about me. Because people be like, she is his type.. so what is it about me that you like about me? Like why you ******* with the city girl?” Caresha queried.

“Because you are authentic. You know you you’re like one of the realest people I ever met. You know, I’m saying and you’re authentically yourself. And you know, great mother, and you know. A great friend. You just have a good time, you know. Is. I’m fine, yeah, you’re the funniest. You have fun as young Miami,” Diddy responded.

Last month, Diddy‘s new girlfriend and baby mama Gina Huynh went back and forth with Yung Miami on social media yesterday. According to Miami, Gina provoked her by posting pictures with Diddy.

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