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Woman Claims Kanye West Made Her Twerk Butt Naked In The Studio With Future



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Woman Claims Kanye West Made Her Shake Her N*ked Clappas In The Studio With Future 

Woman Claims Kanye West Made Her Shake Her N*ked Clappas In The Studio With Future

A woman recently made scathing claims against Kanye West. She claims the rap and business mogul had her do the unthinkable while in the studio with Future.

“I like met him that night, got his number, he like, went back to LA and then the next time he was in Miami he was like come over at a future’s house like we’re in the studio,” she said.

“So I go there pulling up because I’m like I wanna just like they’re in the studio I wanted like see him make music I wanna show him my music so I pull up there it’s that future house and he literally just asked me to come in the studio and get **** *** n*ked.”

She continued, “And just like twerk in front of him and all his friends. That’s all he was like.” “The second he walked through the door,” the interviewer asked her. “Yeah he says get n*ked and I was like okay.”

“He was working on his album Donda too so like it was loud and I didn’t wanna be like I just wanted to be in there like a fly on the wall you. Know that’s. What I think is watch them and then you were not a fly on the wall. Though I literally got n*ked and like twerk around.”

Neither Kanye West nor Future have reacted to the woman’s claims.

This week, Kanye West called out Adidas for selling fake Yeezy slides. “This shoe is a fake Yeezy made by adidas themselves. I’m not talking to DC about this either. Kasper come talk to me Happy Monday,” he said.

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