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Video Of Tommie Pressing Yung Miami’s People Surface Online



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Tommie Lee Pressing Yung Miami's Crew In Viral Video

Tommie Lee Pressing Yung Miami’s Crew In Viral Video

Tommie Lee is known for her beauty, her over the top personality, and her willingness to fight at any moment. Over the weekend, the Love and Hip Hop star showed off her hot temper when she pulled up on City Girls member Yung Miami and her crew of friends.

Tommie confronted the girls, and pressed them all – challenging the girls to a fist fight.

According to Tommie, she walked over to Yung Miami to greet the City Girls star – and she wasn’t happy with the response she received. So, in typical Tommie fashion, she started to press the City Girls star and her friends.

Yung Miami and her friends quickly backed down from the smoke – looking to talk things out instead of resorting to violence. That was probably a pretty smart move for the girls.

Tommie has a criminal history almost as long as any celebrity that we’ve ever seen. Tommie has had multiple legal issues in the past and has been arrested at least once every year since 2003 for a variety of charges including disorderly conduct, identity fraud, forgery, shoplifting, theft and battery, including an incident where she hijacked a bus.

In fact, she gave birth to one of her daughters while incarcerated.

The love & Hip hop star has been arrested more than a dozen times and most recently spent time in jail for pulling up to her daughter’s school – and beating her.

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