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Charleston White Sets To Press RICO Charges Against Soulja Boy



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Charleston White Wants Feds To Press RICO Charges Against Soulja Boy

Blogger Charleston White was blocked by rapper Soulja Boy and a group of his goon earlier. And according to Charleston he managed to escape a beatdown by macing the group of men.

Charleston White says Soulja Boy has been threatening him and his crew and says he will report him to the police to see if he can get RICO charges filed against the rapper.

“He done made all the threats. So listen, if you think my people and myself aint contacting the Atlanta District Attorney’s Office, you done fucked up, boy,” White he said, adding later “the course of action we need to take to file charges against an Atlanta rapper who threatened my life with guns on video.”

“We got video of Soulja Boy threatening to have people killed,” White explained. “I have video of another n-gga threatening and saying we banned. I’m finna see if I can get them niggas on RICO charges. I wanna press charges.”

“Because Soulja Boy attacked me, attempted to attack me, and I had to self defend myself. There was a young lady with me and she got injured. Yeah, so them n-ggas done f-cked up. Stupid ass n-ggas … They done f-cked up. This man got a video saying I will have you killed. Threatening my life. And when he saw me in person, he said, ‘Yeah, in two weeks later I saw you.’ Now they threatening me again?”

He also claims one of Soulja Boy’s artists has been threatning him. “I know somebody badder than you n-ggas. The goddamn police and that goddamn court system,” he said.

In another news, a video recently went viral on social media showing the moment a Piru Blood gang member pulled up on Charleston White ready to rumble.