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British Woman Claims Her Boyfriend Gets 100 Erections A Day From Looking At Her



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Woman Claims Her Boyfriend Gets 100 Erections A Day Just From Looking At Her

A British woman claims she’s struggling with having an everyday life because her boyfriend reportedly experiences having 100 erections a day.

In an interview, Vikki Brown, 31, stated that her partner Lucas Martins,39, becomes aroused quickly each time he looks at her.

“From the beginning until now, wherever we are, he can have an erection. We only have to be sat watching a film, walking down the street, or going to friends for a coffee, and he’s got an erection. There’s no rest from it at all,” she explained to South West News Service.

Martin claims this is the first time he’s experienced this many erections and thought he had an underlying medical issue, but a doctor said he was fine.

According to the New York Post, Martin added that his doctor said it was a natural way of showing how much he desired his girlfriend of two years. However, his display of affection often shows when they’re in public spaces such as the gym or restaurants.

“It just seems to be natural. I’ve got a wonderful woman next to me. She’s a goddess. She only needs to look at me and speak to me, and I get hungry for it. Through the whole relationship he’s always had an erection — in shops, restaurants, the gym,” Brown stated. “I just wondered if any other couples are the same. Sometimes it’s embarrassing, but he just laughs about it.”

The couple first met at a supermarket named Morrisons, and Brown said she wore her work uniform and a mask. Martin approached her and called her beautiful. Before officially dating, she turned down three coffee dates but eventually agreed to go out with him.

Brown added that the erections also happen when Martin sleeps and wakes up.

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