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Wendy’s Employee Charged With Murder For Punching Customer Who’s Now Dead



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Wendy’s Employee Who Punched 67-Year-Old Customer Now Facing Murder Charges After Victim Dies From Injuries

An employee at a Wendy’s store in Arizona, U.S., has been charged with murder after the 67-year-old customer he punched died.

The incident occurred on July 26, and the elderly customer succumbed to his injuries in the hospital As per the Prescott Valley Police, the attacker is a 35-year-old man named Antoine Kendrick, and he has been booked under the charges of second-degree murder.

The police stated that Kendrick attacked the 67-year-old man on July 26, when the elderly customer placed an order at a Wendy’s store in Arizona and complained about his food. The video of the attack has been released by the police. In the video, the attacker can be seen running around the counter and punching the elderly customer’s side of the head while the latter was having his ice cream.

The video showed that the customer had come to the counter to complain about his food. The video also showed that Kendrick did not offer any aid to the customer after the latter lost his consciousness; instead, the attacker left the store after gathering his belongings.

However, the CCTV video did not have any sound, and the police are yet to give the details on what caused the attack.

As per reports, the elderly customer fell on the ground and hit his head on the floor after the 35-year-old Wendy’s employee punched him. Soon after the customer fell to the ground, he lost his consciousness and was airlifted in critical condition to a local hospital for treatment.

The police stated that the customer was undergoing medical treatment after the attack but lost his life on August 5, following which Kendrick was booked under the charges of murder. Earlier, Kendrick was booked under the charges of aggravated assault till the customer was alive. Currently, the attacker, Antoine Kendrick, is in police custody.

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