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Beyonce Body Shamed On Twitter For Having Fat Girl Face – Video



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Beyonce Gets Body Shamed By Black Twitter, Claims She Has ’Fat Girl Face’

Beyonce is currently trending on social media, and trolls are making fun of the gorgeous singer – and fat shaming her. As observed by Dreddsworld, Beyonce has put on a few pounds lately.

But Bey is carrying the extra weight well, and she still looks as gorgeous as ever.

Unfortunately in this day and age, trolls are out in full force – and they’re using Beyonce’s new weight gain as a reason to criticize the usually perfect Mrs Carter. Here’s the touching message that Beyonce left:

Beyonce sent a personal message to her home church in Houston, the St John’s Downtown Church – which celebrated its 30th anniversary yesterday.

According to reports reaching us at Dreddsworld, Bey still has strong ties to the church, and the current pastor is the man who married Bey and Jay 14 years ago.

Beyonce is currently trending on twitter, as many are pointing out that her face appears to be “fat.” Some are speculating that Beyonce may be pregnant again.

Here are some of the shady remarks people are making about Bey on Twitter:

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