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India Royale Calls Cap On Lil Durk’s Post



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India Royale Says Lil Durk Is Capping On Instagram

India Royale and Lil Durk have been trending on social media for a while now following reports that the two have broken up.

Rumors of Lil Durk and his fiancée India Royale’s alleged breakup started after India allegedly tweeted that she is a “free agent.”

Eagle eyes on social media also noticed that India had unfollowed the Chicago rapper, however, Durk is still following her on Instagram.

Trying to clear the air, Lil Durk took to his Instagram story to share an update which unfortunately didn’t end up well. “That 😺 mines 4ever welcome to death row b*%ch,” Durk wrote.

India caught up with the post and wasted no time in responding. She simply called ‘cap’ on his post by sharing 🧢 on her Instagram story, insinuating that he’s lying.

Her post has since gone viral on social media, garnering lots of reactions from fans who are now clowning Durk. “Someone check on lil durk LMFAOOO,” a fan tweeted.

“Lil durk made all dem songs bout India and cheated I been knew sumn wasn’t right he was showin to much loveee you gotta watch a nigga when he do dat,” another person wrote. See more reactions below:

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