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Masika Kalysha Beyond Disgusted Over Aries Spears & Tiffany Haddish Video



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Masika Kalysha Reacts To Aries Spears & Tiffany Haddish Child Sexual Abuse Video

Dreddsworld previously shared that comedians Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears were being sued by a woman, who claimed that the comedians “abused” her two children while filming an inappropriate “comedy” video.

Yesterday, we exclusively shared the said video on Twitter and folks online have since been reacting to it, bashing the comedians.

Masika Kalysha is the latest celebrity to react on the viral clip. “I am beyond disgusted,” she wrote on Twitter. “The clip I saw was less that 60 seconds and I’m in complete shock. That’s not even half of what was described in this article. How in tf did they get away with this disgusting, sick mess?”

Jane was 14 years old when her alleged video shoot took place, and John was 7. Their mother alleges that she and Haddish met through comedy and bonded over a shared source of strife.

In the summer of 2013, when Jane was 14 years old, the lawsuit states that she attended a comedy camp where Haddish appeared as a guest speaker. Around that time, Haddish allegedly told the child that she’d found “a perfect role for her”—her very own commercial. Neither Jane nor her mother knew what the shoot would entail, according to the lawsuit. Only Haddish and Spears, who was also on hand to produce the video, are said to have known the plot.

Both siblings allegedly attended the shoot, which the lawsuit claims took place in Spears’ home. Jane said Haddish’s behavior changed once the children arrived at the home, no longer in the company of their mother.

According to the lawsuit, the children were separated during the shoot. Jane recalls that Haddish told her to remain on a couch downstairs while her brother’s shoot took place upstairs.

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