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Cardi B’s Sister Hennessy Defends Her Amid JT Beef, Slams Nicki Minaj



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Hennessy Defends Cardi B After Back & Forth With JT

Hennessy Defends Cardi B After Back & Forth With JT, Blasts Nicki Minaj For Taking It Personal

Cardi B and JT have been trending on social media after going back and forth on Twitter.

It started after JT congratulated GloRilla on the success of her “Tomorrow” remix, which features Cardi. However, she failed to congratulate Cardi in her tweet.

The rappers wasted no time in sending subliminal tweets and after a while, JT addressed Cardi directly and accused her of not having any “real talent.” Cardi clapped back, accusing JT of using a ghostwriter.

Cardi B’s sister Hennessy has now reacted to the beef, defending her blood. Taking to her Instagram story, Hennessy wrote; “Soooo my sister been beefing with a bitch on Twitter and another bitch takes it personal?” A shade at Nicki Minaj for pitching tent with JT.

She continued, “Glo and Cardi made it to top 10 that’s why they mad.”

Nicki Minaj on the other hand was entertained by all the drama. Amid the back and forth, she tweeted a couple GIFs of Rick James and Whitney Houston.

Nicki then picked side with JT by changing her profile pic to JT and Cardi also changed hers to Remy Ma.

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