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DJ Akademiks Denies TMZ Claims He Made Chief Keef Hot



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DJ Akademiks Calls Out TMZ Over False Report He Made Chief Keef Hot

DJ Akademiks Calls Out TMZ Over False Report He Made Chief Keef Hot

DJ Akademiks has now denied TMZ reports that he claimed to have made Chief Keef’s career pop.

Chief Keef was asked by TMZ about Ak’s alleged claims, he responded, “I don’t know about that.”

Ak reportedly made the following claims on his Twitch: “N-gga I helped make Keef, n-gga. N-gga, I gave them n-ggas reps they never had. I called that n-gga the Chiraq Grim Reaper, n-gga. That’s why when he’s getting shot at and sh-t happens to him, y’all are looking at it in disbelief. You know why? Cause I created that f-cking vision that he was untouchable.”


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According to Akademiks, TMZ made it up, taking to his famous Instagram page, he debunked the claims.

“Salute to Sosa for keeping it cool…. TMZ hiring anybody these days.. lying on a n-ggaa name,” wrote Ak.

“I ain’t ever say I made sosa hot and I never called Sosa the grim reaper. How hard is it to quote ppl accurately.”

He continued, “I ain’t gonna go too hard cuz everybody makes mistakes but tmz lol how y’all gonna publish a video asking fake questions of made up quotes to get a clickbait response.”

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