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Latto Faces Backlash For Inappropriate Interview With 9-Year-Old Girl – Video



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Latto Under Fire For Explaining Her ‘S*xually Liberated’ Lifestyle To A Little Girl

Latto Under Fire For Explaining Her ‘S*xually Liberated’ Lifestyle To A Little Girl

Female rapper Latto is under fire today, for giving what many people find is an inappropriate interview towards a 9 year old girl – who is a fashion reporter on the red carpet.

Black Twitter is currently roasting the heck out of the Latto for trying to explain her “s*xually liberated” lifestyle to a third grade girl.

Latto, formerly Miss Mulatto, made the cringe-worthy comments in a NYFW interview which occurred a few weeks ago – with Taylen Biggs for Harper’s Baazar magazine.

“How would you describe your personal style?” the little girl asked the 23-year-old “Big D**k Energy” rapper.

“I think I’m authentic. I think I give modern, s*xually liberated woman. You’ll learn about that later,” Latto told the minor.

Black Twitter is calling out Latto, saying it was the wrong message for a grown up to give a 9-year-old girl. One Twitter user wrote, “Love Latto but this wouldn’t have been my answer for a little girl.”

Another wrote, “This was very inappropriate. An ‘I’m a very authentic and free-spirited person’ would’ve sufficed for a child that age. People no longer understand that there’s a time and place for everything.”

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