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Wack 100 Claims He Chased Future Through The Airport With Ciara For Owing Trick Trick Money



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Wack 100 Says He Chased Future Over Money Owed To Trick Trick

Wack 100 Says He Chased Future Over Money Owed To Trick Trick

Wack 100 says he once chased Future through an airport over money the rapper owed Trick Trick.

“Future owed Trick Trick some money. So me, Trick Trick and Big U was real close at the time, right? Future owed bro some money. Alright, Trick Trick in Detroit,” Wack said on Clubhouse.

He continued, “Me and Big U on a redeye flight to Atlanta, we coming through LAX. We coming through security putting our bag through the thing, who we see on the other side?”

He said Future ran all the way into a terminal before pulling out his phone and called Birdman.

“He throws the phone at me on speaker. All I hear is Stunna’s voice. He say, ‘Wack, it’s be Stunna, talk to me.’ I say, ‘Stunna, I’m busy right now.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but I don’t want you to be, nephew, what’s going on?’ I say, ‘He owe Trick Trick a bag. He can’t be in our backyard and he owe bro a bag. Either he gon’ pay or he finna get ducked and then he gon’ pay.’ Trick Trick at home sleep, he don’t know what’s going on, he in Detroit,” Wack told Birdman.

“He say ‘Wack, my word to you, I’ll pay the debt. Let him be. I got business with that man.’ I say, ‘What?’ He say, ‘Wack, it’s Stunna talking to you as your brother. Leave him be. You got my word. Whatever the debt is, send me Trick. I’ll pay him in the morning. On me. I’m giving you my word.’ Trick Trick got his wad.”

Future is yet to respond to the claims.

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