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Jennifer Lopez Exposed As Rude & Awful Person On Tiktok



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Jennifer Lopez Exposed As ’Awful Person’ On Tiktok

TikTokers Claim Jennifer Lopez Is A Rude & Awful Person In Viral Videos

Jennifer Lopez is getting blasted on TikTok, by two famous social media personalities, who claim that they spoke to people close to Jlo. And according to the Tiktokers, JLo is a terrible person.

The first Tiktoker claims that when Jennifer hires a driver, the number one rule she has for them is- they cannot look at her, talk to her and her luggage is never allowed to touch the ground.

The Tiktoker explained, “if any of those things above happen, [Jennifer] will go out of her way to make sure you’re fired.


#stitch with @tristanstone74 j lo is a terrible human. Her personality matches her voice, trash. #celebrity #jlo #nasty

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She added that if the driver even “look in the rear view mirror whilst driving her, she will curse you out.”

The Tiktoker claims that she knows this because her father worked for the company and he refused to drive her whenever she came into town.

At the time of their encounter, Jennifer was with Ben Affleck at the MGM in Vegas at a Casino. The Tiktoker claimed that Ben is a very generous tipper and respects service workers.

Now here’s where it gets worse. Sh claims that one night, Ben tipped people a lot of money – and after he left – Jennifer proceeded to go around to each of these people and take back the tips. She only allowed the workers to keep $5 or $10.

Here’s another insider, who claimed to have details on Jennifer’s cheap antics:

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