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Keith Murray Says He Didn’t Marry Bill Cosby’s Daughter Because She Looked Like Him



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Rapper Keith Murray Says He Dated Bill Cosby’s Daughter But Passed Cuz She Looked Too Much Like Him

Popular 1990s rapper Keith Murray messed up a giant bag… by not getting into a relationship with Bill Cosby’s daughter, one of the richest Black women at the time.

Once again, the legendary MC, Keith Murray, has broken the internet. This time, the legendary rapper explained how he used to date Bill Cosby’s daughter back in the day.

According to Keith, the two got so serious, that the rapper wanted to marry Bill Cosby’s daughter. In the 1990s, Bill was a billionaire.

Unfortunately, Keith couldn’t get over one thing about the wealthy heiress. Keith told an interviewer recently that Bill’s daughter looked so much like her father, that it threw him off.

While Keith did not say which one of Bill’s daughters he dated, Ensa Cosby was the only daughter who was close to Keith’s age. Ensa, unfortunately, passed away four years ago.

The New York hip hop star claims that he just couldn’t put a ring on it.

Keith, being the chatty patty that he is, went into graphic details about their relationship. According to The Most Beautifulest Thing In The World rapper, he had relations with Bill’s daughter and performed or** s** on her, but whenever he looked up, all he would see Bill’s face .

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