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Billie Eilish Allegedly Belongs To A Satanic Cult & Sacrificed XXXTentacion



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Billie Eilish Allegedly Sacrificed XXXTentacion For Fame In New Conspiracy Theory

Take this with a  grain of salt. There’s a conspiracy theory claiming Billie Eilish is part of a satanic cult. Like the Illuminati, this Theory started when Billy Eilish changed her look and style of music. Essentially overnight.when Billy announced her new album, “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?”

The imagery on the album. Cover was alarming to some people. It shows Billy’s sitting on the edge of a bed with a scary grin and her eyes are completely white. Theorists were quick to point out that when someone is portrayed with all white eyes, it often means that they’re possessed.

There’s also a belief that demons with all white eyes are the most Wise and Powerful demons in hel!. Then when you look at the titles of the songs in the album and their lyrics, it gets even darker songs, like “all the good girls, go to hel!” and “bury a friend” have very dark lyrics in “All the good girls, Go to hel!”


The lyrics read;

“My, Lucifer is lonely.
Look at you needing me.
You know, I’m not your friend without some Greenery…”

Theorists compared her dark imagery to the book that has the formula the Illuminati uses to create a mind-controlled slave. And they talk about eerily similar things that Billy is doing this. All leads to their biggest Theory to prove her demonic cult ties.

The theory, is that Billy sacrificed her friend in a ritual and admits to it in the song “Bury A Friend.” Billy was friends with the controversial rapper named XXXTentaction. Asean, unexpectedly was robbed and killed at the age of 20 by a group of men, but in the coming months before his death, he got very obsessed with satanic things.

He loved the number 666 or closed with the word Satan on it. And said, he even talked to Satan XXX died on June 18th 2018, which is an eerie date 6 + 6 + 6 is = 18, then in 2019, Billy released the song very afraid I’m Billy claims, the whole video is about sleep paralysis and haunting someone.

The video shows, a man who looks and dresses, very similar to XXXTentacion that is who she’s haunting. She’s depicted in the music video with black eyes. It shows her back completely arched back and her floating down a hallway. It also shows a bunch of men grabbing her face and body and pushing her theorists correlate, this imagery to demonic possession. The lyrics are also extremely dark.

They read;
“for the debt I owe gotta sell my soul because I can’t say no,
no I can’t say no.
Then my limbs all froze and my eyes won’t close.
And I can’t say no,
I can’t say no.
Step on the glass.
Staple your tongue bury, your friend.
Try to wake up cannibal class.
Killing the son,
Barry. A friend. I want to end me…”

Between the lyrics and the video theorists elude that Billie was behind the death of XXX and she sacr!ficed him to the devil to To make herself more famous. There are reasons to believe this is all just her being dark and edgy.

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