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Floyd Mayweather Jeweler Says Jake Paul Lied About Miami Altercation



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Jake Paul Allegedly Exaggerated The Floyd Mayweather Miami Incident

Jake Paul Allegedly Exaggerated The Floyd Mayweather Miami Incident

According to Floyd Mayweather’s jeweler, Jake Paul is lying about what really went down in Miami.

Jake says Floyd and 50 other men pulled up to him wanting to jump him unprovoked…and video surfaced of the incident, showing Paul fleeing from the scene.

“Jake is exaggerating,” the jeweler told TMZ. “We just finished the game, pulled out, and Jake was there. Floyd was with his eight bodyguards. And [Jake] just run like a rabbit.”

At the time, Jake said: “We’re walking and, all of sudden, out of nowhere, Floyd’s right there with nine people in a straight wall. Then boom, another car is right there.”

He continued, “These dudes slowly started to create this sort of surrounding barrier around me to kind of close me in. They attacked at the right time because there was a wall behind me. It was like a full-on Army Delta Force on a mission. I felt like a Spartan for one second, but then I just realised it wasn’t possible.”

“I’ve never been caught lacking and I feel like such a bitch, I am a bitch. One to five dudes, let’s f-cking go. Six or more and I’m a bitch,” he added.

“People are forgetting jake was there by himself with 1 security guard who was like 5’11 and floyd was there with 8 6’6-7’0 body guards plus floyds other friends theres still a reason to run lol,” someone commented.

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