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Lil Durk & India Royale Are Back Together, Hold Hands On Instagram Live



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Lil Durk And India Royale Have Gotten Back Together

Lil Durk And India Royale Have Gotten Back Together

One time industry’s favorite couple Lil Durk and India Royale are back together and fans don’t know exactly how to react.

On Tuesday, Lil Durk appeared on his Instagram Live holding hands possibly with his rumored ex-finaceé India Royale. A video of the couple holding hands and canoodling was posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram account.

Although you can’t see the woman’s face in the video, one of her hands is in Durkio’s mouth as he playfully holds it with his teeth. In another clip, the Chicago rapper is holding the mystery woman’s hand and repeats the lyrics to Beyoncé’s 2011 song “Dance for You.”


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The Chicago rapper did replied to a viewer and said that it’s not India with him. However, The Shade Room pointed out in their blog post some identifying marks that it could possibly be India. Apparently, in the clip, India’s tattoo on her wrist is shown and her diamond-encrusted ring that she wears on her middle finger is visible in the video as well.

Last month, Lil Durk vowed to win India Royale back after she confirmed that she was single.

In his message that Durk wrote in part: “Let me just look crazy Cause GM y’all [two double heart emojis] she not dumb or justot her money or her own even after I went broke she help me… …watch my page all day ima give the street and relationships some tips later from the voice not the people who post drama.”

“This real s**t don’t attack her she definitely the best in the world trust me[,]” he continued. “I ain’t do her wrong I just keep her from the world. I love you having fun and we ain’t fighting. I said not fight and I started one but I miss you that’s all we ain’t no joke we really that we get the bag bag together without doing the most or copy cat what they did.”

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