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Father Of Victim YNW Juvy Alleged Melly Murdered His Friends Over Money



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YNW Juvy's Father Says There Was No Remorse From YNW Melly & YNW Bortlen After Son's Death

YNW Juvy’s Father Says There Was No Remorse From YNW Melly & YNW Bortlen After Son’s Death

The father of YNW Juvy believes that rapper YNW Melly killed YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy for money.

When asked why he believes YNW Melly killed his son, Juvy’s father said it was because he showed no remorse when he called him on FaceTime.

“From day one, I believed that Melly was responsible for my son’s death on October 26. When I finally talked to [Melly] and Cortlen on FaceTime, their response and how they reacted — they showed no remorse.”

He continued, “They didn’t act like they was grievin,’ like they lost a best friend or nothin’ In my opinion, they were in the best spirits. They never came to town, never came to my son’s funeral.”

He was then asked why he thinks Melly would have killed his son. Juvy’s dad then suggested it was over money, revealing that the trio had planned to sell the YNW brand for “marketing and licensing.”

“Melly was gonna get $200,000, Sak was gonna get $200,000, Chris was gonna get $100,000,” he told Law & Crime.

Juvy and Saks were shot and killed in an SUV in October 2018. Melly is facing the death penalty if he is found guilty. The rapper denies committing the crimes.

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