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Old Video Of YNW Melly’s Interrogation Footage Surface Online



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YNW Melly Interrogation Video From 2015 Surface Online

Old Video Of YNW Melly Cooperating With Cops In The Interrogation Room Surface Online

The police interrogation video from YNW Melly’s interview with police in connection to his arrest for a 2015 shooting near a local high school, Vero Beach High School has leaked online.

YNW Melly, who was just 16 years old at the time, is sat in the interview room, without any shoes on his feet as detectives ask him for details about the shooting.

Melly told officers that he fired at the crowd in self defense and that a gun was pulled on him.

The police do not believe Melly’s version of the story and call him a liar. “I ain’t saying no names, I ain’t saying none of that,” the rapper says.

“I respect you, but I can’t do too much talking…Then that’s getting somebody else in trouble.”

The incident is not related to the shooting deaths of his former crew members, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. Melly is currently on trial for double murder and is facing the death penalty.

“It’s funny that you guys always talk about a street code, but then behind closed doors, be snitching,” someone commented.

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