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YFN Lucci Offered A Plea Deal For 20 Years Serve 17



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YFN Lucci Has Been Offered A Plea Deal For 20 Years, 17 To Serve

YFN Lucci, whose given name is Rayshawn Bennett, is among a dozen people charged in a wide-ranging indictment in Atlanta targeting alleged members of the Bloods gang.

According to new reports reaching us at Dreddsworld, the Atlanta rapper has been offered a plea deal.

The details of the plea deal is to serve 17 years of 20 years. His charges are reportedly much more severe than that of Young Thug.

1 voluntary manslaughter count, 5 gang counts, 6 aggravated assault counts and 1 count of possession of a firearm during a felony.

Atlanta police previously announced murder charges against Bennett in January, saying he was the driver in a December gang-related drive-by shooting that left one man dead. The felony murder charge in last week’s indictment is based on that incident.

“He’s not guilty of any crime that’s referenced in the previous charge and now in this indictment,” Bennett’s lawyer Drew Findling said in a phone interview.

The indictment says one of the Atlanta gang sub-groups of the Bloods, known by the initials YFN, was “centered around” Bennett.

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