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YNW Melly Will Walk Away A Free Man Today If The Judge Grants A Mistrial



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YNW Melly Will Walk Away A Free Man Today If The Judge In His Murder Trial Grants A Mistrial

The YNW Melly trial recently took a drastic turn as his defense attorney, David A. Howard, has pushed for a mistrial in the rapper’s double-murder case.

The judge is currently considering the motion, which was made after the fourth day of court proceedings.

Well, if the judge in the murder trial grants a mistrial, YNW Melly will walk away a free man today. State prosecutors will be unable to file new charges against him or reopen the case.


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During Holmes’ testimony, the mother of YNW Melly’s former girlfriend claimed the prosecution ruined her life and intimidated her into taking the stand, leading presiding Judge John Murphy III to label her a “hostile witness.”

Despite being a prosecution witness with knowledge of the crime through her daughter, the jury saw an Instagram message from Holmes where she expressed frustration about false promises given to her by YNW Melly’s camp and discussed cooperating with authorities in the case.

Following Felicia Holmes‘ testimony, YNW Melly’s defense accused the prosecution of going against a court ruling and having Holmes read out-of-court statements. Howard called the day’s hearing a “prejudicial fiasco” and requested a mistrial.

Judge Murphy said he will review the transcripts of the testimony and consider Melly’s council’s request. Court is now in recess until June 20 when the judge will make his ruling on whether the trial will continue.

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