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YNW Melly’s DNA Only Found On Door Handle Of Jeep & No Firearm Residue



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YNW Melly’s DNA Only Found On Door Handle Of Jeep & Had No GSR

During court hearings today the evidence showed YNW Melly’s DNA wasn’t found on or in the Jeep where the shooting took place until they recently found it this month on the door handle of the car.

The medical examiner stated that there was also no SR (firearm residue) found on YNW Melly.

At the crime scene 40 caliber bullets were recovered but to this day there’s no firearm in evidence known to be the murder weapon.

Also, Melly’s defense attorney confronted a Broward Sheriff’s Office detective who alleged there was evidence of his gang affiliation.

Prosecutors accused Jamell “Melly” Demons of being associated with the Bloods and alleged this was the motive for the 2018 murders of two YNW Collective rappers.

Attorney David A. Howard referenced messages from an alleged G-Shine Bloods member who wrote he had the desire to become a member of the YNW Collective.

“Gangs use rappers because rappers bring in money, fame … the rappers use the gangs for support so they can get into certain venues,” BSO Detective Danny Polo said during his testimony on Tuesday.

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