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Adam22 Buys Green Lamborghini Urus For Lena The Plug



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Adam22 Spoils Lena The Plug With New Lamborghini Urus

Adam22 Spoils Lena The Plug With New Lamborghini Urus

For a while now, Podcast host Adam22 and Lena The Plug have been interviewing and sleeping with women on their podcast and OnlyF* ns channel.

After seven years into their relationship, they’ve decided to switch things up.

For Lena The Plug’s first solo scene with another man as a married woman, Lena hooked up with Jason Luv to film an NSFW video that she said left her feeling sore for several days afterward.


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On Friday (July 14), Adam kicked off his weekend with a massive surprise for his pornstar bride – a beautiful green Lamborghini Urus.

“Anything for my Queen,” the content creator said with a smile after Lena’s seemingly staged excited reaction. In the comments many are questioning the authenticity of the post, writing “I’ve seen better acting in pornos,” and “Worse than ads acting .”

Elsewhere, others labelled him a “bad example of a man” and “the corniest man alive.”

In agreeing to let his wife sleep with Jason Luv, Adam22 also agreed to let countless other people use their interracial tape as material to fantasize over. He seems unbothered by this, which isn’t entirely surprising given that they’ve worked in the adult industry together for a long time now.

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