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Judge Declares Mistrial In YNW Melly’s Double Murder Case



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Mistrial Declared In YNW Melly's Double Murder After Jurors Are Unable To Reach Verdict

Mistrial Declared In YNW Melly’s Double Murder After Jurors Are Unable To Reach Verdict

According to new reports reaching us at Dreddsworld, Judge has declared mistrial in YNW Melly‘s double murder case. A mistrial was declared as jurors are unable to reach a verdict. YNW Melly then stiffled a smile.

The jury, after three days of deliberation, couldn’t come to a final decision Saturday on Melly’s two first-degree murder charges.

“We are still unable to reach a unanimous decision,” the jury wrote to Broward Circuit Court Judge John Murphy. Murphy declared a mistrial as the jury confirmed it was in deadlock.

On Friday, the second day of deliberations, the jury said it wanted to know what the options were if it couldn’t come to a decision.

Murphy brought the jury back into the courtroom and read them the Allen charge, a set of instructions given to a jury that believe it’s deadlocked. The charge urges jurors to continue deliberating before coming to a conclusion.

“We appreciate the fact you were here and ready to serve,” Murphy told the jurors. Melly’s family exited the courthouse solemnly after hearing the decision and did not want to comment on the mistrial.

A mistrial doesn’t mean Melly was found not guilty. Prosecutors may pursue a new trial within 90 days of the original trial, in most cases.

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