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Post Malone Says He’s Never Done Hard Drugs In His Entire Life



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Post Malone addresses rumors that he uses hard drugs

Post Malone Addresses Rumors That He Uses Hard Drugs

Post Malone fans have sometimes questioned whether the rapper has been under the influence of hard drugs.

A few times, Post’s performances have raised concern but the rapper shot down the rumors in a recent interview with Zane Lowe.

“I mean, first off, I shouldn’t have to really justify anything to anyone, but I appreciate the concerns that people. But then it just goes, it goes from like, Hey, I hope he’s fine,” the “White Iverson” crooner told Lowe.

He continued, “But then the rumor starts that I’m doing hard drugs, which I’ve never done in my entire life.”

The rapper however admitted to taking shrooms but says he needs to be a “little bit high” to record music.

“But now if I do drink and I’m not doing a show or recording… And yeah, that’s another. I have a very hard time expressing myself via recording if I’m not a little f-cked up.”

He added, “It’s a good spot now because if I’m not recording or I’m not talking to people or if I’m not doing shows, I really do drink just to have fun. It’s having a beer with my dad or with my bud.”

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