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Post Malone Says All His ‘Best Lyrics Are Written On The Shitter’



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Post Malone Reveals He Writes Songs On The Bathroom Shitter

Post Malone recently opened up about the secret to his success, and he says it involves the bathroom. This revelation is coming a week after Post Malone revealed he’s never done hard drug in his entire life.

“Sometimes I’ll bring a guitar in there,” he told Alex Cooper on her “Call her Daddy” podcast. “All the best lyrics are written on the sh-tter, 100%.”

He continued, “Sometimes I’ll answer some emails. I do a lot of online shopping. And everybody thinks every order I place is fake.”


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The ‘White Iverson’ crooner opened up more about the way he creates the ambiance. “It’s me, and they call me, and they’re like, ‘Hey, we’ve had a lot of fraud.’”

“Little do they know I’m totally on the can and I have to run like a white noise machine or a little bit of water and I have to specifically get up and turn it off and then sit back down just so they don’t think, like, I’m in the bathroom.”

“And I know sometimes they can tell with the reverb cause what’s interesting about a bathroom, you can definitely tell if you’re on speakerphone, you can definitely tell if someone’s in the bathroom.”

He added, “For some reason, if you send someone a picture like a selfie while you’re sh-tting, there’s no way that they don’t know you’re on the toilet. It’s like an angle or something.”

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