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YNW Melly Declines To Testify At His Double Murder Trial



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YNW Melly Says He Will Not Testify At His Double Murder Trial

YNW Melly Says He Will Not Testify At His Double Murder Trial

Testimony for the YNW Melly trial has concluded testimony and the rapper declined to testify on his own behalf in court on Tuesday.

“I will not be testifying,” YNW Melly told the judge. Judge John Murphy III then asked Melly if he was making that decision of his own volition. Melly answered, “Yes, sir.”

The state of Florida argues that Melly, real name Jamell “Melly” Demons was the shooter who killed Christopher “Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “Sakchaser” Williams on Oct. 26, 2018.

They then accuse the rapper of staging a drive-by shooting in Miramar with the help of his friend, Cortlen “Bortlen” Henry.

Last week, text messages from rapper YNW Melly were read out in court…and in one text, he appears to take responsibility for the double murders.

In court, Detective Mark Moretti revealed on private texts and social media correspondences between Melly and others. When asked how he was doing after the shooting in one of these messages, he allegedly told Peezy Gambino, “Shhh. I did that.”

Closing arguments are set for Thursday morning. If convicted of murder, Demons could face the death penalty.

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