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DJ Akademiks Slams GloRilla For Blocking Kai Cenat



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DJ Akademiks Goes Off On GloRilla For Blocking Kai Cenat

DJ Akademiks Goes Off On GloRilla For Blocking Kai Cenat

DJ Akademiks hopped on the internet to call out GloRilla over her beef with Kai Cenat which led to some heated back and forth between the two.

Glo blocked Kai for his negative response to her “Cha Cha Cha” video.

Glo hopped online to mock Kai being in jail for seven days…but it’s only a Livestream challenge and not real.

“Glorilla is a F*cking Idiot.. She really think Kaicenat is locked up. Her label must have humbled her stupid ass in realizing… Bih.. u aint bigger than the program.. and Kaicenat is valued way more than u. She tried to cop a plea to him but tried to diss me in the process. LMAO,” he tweeted.

“Telly tubby looking a** b*tch you never know what you are talking about,” GloRilla fired back.

In a follow up tweet, Ak wrote: “Glorilla is officially a GOOFY.. she said her and Kaicenat beef is some street sh*t lol.. This CHick is literally delusional…. Yo Gotti. deactivate her twitter. @GloTheofficial ur a f*cking moron. LMAO. u have street beef with KAICENAT?”

According to Ak, Glo is just mad because Sexyy Red came and took “her whole lane.”

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