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Lil Yachty Claims Kai Cenat Is Richer Than 90% Of Rappers 



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Lil Yachty Says These Streamers Earn Way More Than Rappers

Lil Yachty Says These Streamers Earn Way More Than Rappers

Lil Yachty shouted out several streamers who he says are getting a bigger bag than most rappers.

“Kai [Cenat] is my brother, shouts out to Kai. Shouts out Fanum, shouts out the whole AMP, shouts out f-ckin’ Adin Ross,” he said.

“Yeah, for real. The young guys, the young bros, they goin’ crazy. Kai for sure got more money than, I think, 90 percent of rappers. 90 percent of rappers, I think Kai got more money than them. Adin too, sure.”

Lil Yachty caught heat from Soulja Boy earlier this week after Lil Boat claimed he was the first rapper on Twitch.

“I ain’t gon’ even cap. Lil Yachty, sit yo bitch-ass down, n-gga. Drake, you and Lil Yachty getting on my muthaf-cking nerves. F-ck wrong with y’all pussy-ass n-ggas? Lil Yachty, you is a bitch n-gga. Fruity-ass n-gga.”

He continued, “Painting yo muthaf-cking toe nails and sh-t. Bitch, you wasn’t the first n-gga to do sh-t. Lil bitch-ass, pussy-ass, punk-ass, Oreo-looking ass, f-ck-ass n-gga,” he ranted to his fans.

Soulja added: “I’m getting tired of y’all f-ck n-ggas. Lil bitch-ass n-gga. Lil Black-ass n-gga. Lil Yachty, sit your lil’ pussy-ass ass down. Bitch-ass n-gga. You wasn’t the first n-gga to do sh-t. I’m getting tired of y’all pussy ass n-ggas, man.”

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