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Natania Reuben, 1999 Shooting Victim, Says Diddy Shot Her Not Shyne



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Woman Sh0t In Face During 1999 Club Sh00ting Says Diddy Is The One Who Shot Her Not Shyne

Natania Reuben, the victim of the December 27th, 1999, New York nightclub shooting that involved Diddy and Shyne, says Diddy shot her in the face, not Shyne.

Natania took to social media yesterday, when details of a lawsuit against Diddy were revealed. Producer Lil Rod is suing Diddy claiming that he abused him.

Natania went on TikTok yesterday and she details what she says happened on that night in 1999. According to Natalia, Diddy pulled a g*n and sh*t her in the face at point blank range.

Diddy then allegedly “paid off” the club to destroy video evidence. She also claims that Daddy paid people to lie on the stand over the incident.

Natania suffered permanent damage and scarring from that 1999 incident. After Shyne was convicted of the crime, Natania sued Diddy, and won a substantial monetary damage award.

In the new lawsuit, Lil Rod claims – among other things – that Diddy admitted to him that he, and not Shyne, was responsible for sh**ting Natalia in the face in 1999. Rapper Shyne was convicted of the sh**ting.

Diddy, who hired famed lawyers Benjamin Brafman & Johnnie Cochran was acquitted of all charges.

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