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Orlando Brown Says Diddy Owes Him $10,000



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Orlando Brown Calls Out Diddy For Allegedly Owing Him $10K

Orlando Brown Calls Out Diddy For Allegedly Owing Him $10K

Controversial former child star, Orlando Brown, is making some claims against Diddy. According to the “That’s So Raven” star, the disgraced rapper and business mogul is owing him $10k.

“If you got so much property wealth.. pay me my $10’000 Puffy,” Brown screams while on TikTok live. “Out here in my moment in peace, thinking about how Puffy Daddy owes me $10k.”

“Get on my nerve Sean… look her Sean Combs.. I’m not gonna play with you Sean.. you better pay me my money Sean. You’re gonna give me my money Sean. I want my $10k. Hey man.. no man! I ain’t gon get no $10 million from Diddy.”

He added, “Let me do something for him to make it look pretty. I just got $10k coming I don’t want no $10 million.”

“Bro did sum homosexual deeds and didnt get paid for it,” someone commented. “Every time this nigga missed his medication shit like dis happens,” another person wrote. “The funny nigga in 2024 other then katt Williams,” someone else added.

Prior to claims Diddy owes him money, the former Disney star defended the rapper after authorities raided his homes in connection to sex trafficking lawsuit. During a recent interview with Adam22 on the No Jumper podcast, Brown was asked what he thought about the recent takedown of Diddy.

“Everybody knows I got respect for Diddy,” Brown told the host. “I love Diddy. Everybody tried to come at Diddy. Why I’m gonna make it harder for my man? Yo, I love my man [Diddy].”